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We restore carburetors to original condition: appearance, finish and durability. This goes far beyond a 'rebuild' job.

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Restored carburetors for sale outright.

Restored carburetors for sale

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We're located in south eastern British Columbia, Canada; here's how to contact us.


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Carb kits, parts, floats, chokes and more for cars, trucks, industrial, agricultural and marine applications.


Carburetor Restoration

The Carburetor Doctor specializes in show-quality restoration of 1927 and up domestic carburetors. We restore American carburetors, one at a time, to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

When we say 'show quality' we don't mean that they are prettied up for show. They are show quality because all the finishes have been restored to their original appearance for corrosion protection and wear resistance, and because we use new fasteners and new wearing parts throughout. The idea is that the finished product is as new, with the lifetime and performance of a new unit. That kind of work takes time and attention to detail. We don't offer quick turnarounds or discount prices because we don't cut any corners. Sometimes we get asked if we can just to a 'rebuild' without all the fancy new screws, bushings, plating and so on. Back when these carbs were new, that might have been feasible. After all, if you had a five year old Quadrajet with a bad pump, throwing a kit in it was a perfectly reasonable repair. Today, when that same unit is pushing fifty, parts are wearing out, castings are distorting, the throttle shafts are loose... and there's only one way to fix it right, and that's what we do. Complete, as new restoration.


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