What's Fixable and What's Not

Things we generally can't fix

badly broken castings

cracked or broken throttle bodies - such as broken 'ears' on Holley carburetors

idle screws broken off in the throttle body

idle screws seized into aluminum can rarely be removed

severe pitting in castings, especially aluminum - this is a problem with the undersides of Carter AFB and Quadrjet carbs that have been exposed to exhaust gas because the correct steel shim wasn't used underneath

zinc bodied carbs that have become flaky or porous because they were soaked in acid too long - this occurs when someone tries to clean up a badly seized carb, usually for sale to an unsuspecting victim

Things we can usually fix

most things!

worn throttle bodies - repaired with bushings, or sometimes oversize shafts

damaged screws - we have a huge stock of original type fasteners

stripped fuel inlet threads on early Quadrajets (we install Heli-Coil thread inserts)

warpage and distortion - castings are trued so that they match and don't leak

seized parts other than listed above